Reading Later

A lack of interest in instant social media doesn’t have to mean a lack of news in general. The news consumer can still take in the news, it just doesn’t have to be within seconds of when it happened. Bureau favourite, Monocle subscribes to that point of view and another magazine that does the same […]

Magazine Shops

Following the recent post about magazine business models, another way to support them is in their associated businesses. This bureau’s favourite, Monocle has its own store. While there may be a few too many socks and sandals suggestions there are plenty of premium products that a worth a look. Slightly more down to earth is […]

Premium Read

Bauer Media recently closed a stable of magazines continuing a trend of magazine closures over the past several years. So what is the future of magazines, if any? Perhaps the solution can be found in other sectors. The watch industry went through what was called the quartz crisis – the introduction of the quartz powered […]

Write On Time

Hodinkee is a blog that is devoted to mechanical watches that launched in 2008. In 2017 it launched a hard copy magazine to complement the website. Befitting the quality of their subject matter, the publication is a high quality magazine that goes well beyond the basic needs of a magazine for those that appreciate the […]

Being Shelf Aware

Continuing on from yesterday’s news gathering post, Apple announced a news magazine subscription service. The animated formatting looks great, but if you are happy just to read the content in a pdf format (which half of Apple’s service is doing anyway) then you could do worse than using the RB Digital Gateway service. The trick […]