Fashionable Impermanence

Tattooing is so ubiquitous that for the next generation, not getting a tattoo will be an act of rebellion.

Whether tattooing goes out of style remains to be seen, but the style of tattoo one may get is definitely subject to trend and popularity already. Which leaves the wearer at risk of looking out of date.

So what to do if you want to appreciate a tattooist great work, but also be mindful that as time passes you may be wishing it was possible to put that tattoo in the back of the bottom drawer?

Designer Paul Smith and renowned tattooist Mark Mahoney have come together to offer a solution.


Not unlike graffiti that’s made its way to clothing and art galleries, Mahoney has designed some prints to put on Smith’s clothing and accessories so the wearer can appreciate the artistry and skill while still being able to set it aside as time and occasion may dictate.

Image: gq.comhhb

Sure it doesn’t quite have the sense of endurance and commitment of a conventional tattoo, but the wearer is still able to show endorsement.