Less Formality is More

While this bureau usually likes to veer towards classic styling, one item that has caught the eye are these drawstring pants from Informale. Available in khaki, black, navy, stone and caramel, they curiously still have a zip fly along with the drawstring. Made of linen, they are a mid to high waist with a loose […]

The Height of Fashion

How high should pants go on men? A whole lot higher than they are right now. The rise on modern pants – or lack thereof – leads to all sorts of problems. It elongates the torso. Making even the fittest man look they have a belly reminiscent of E.T.. Conversely they make legs look shorter. […]

Short and Sweet

A$AP Rocky seems to be kicking goals with his shorts look. So should mere mortal men be following this look. Short answer: No, probably not. While a casual look might be gotten away with. This look can go astray when it starts looking like you’re wearing an anorak over light weight pyjamas. And if you’re […]