Pro Digital

As previously mentioned, bureau favourite, Monocle magazine was promising a digital edition and they’ve just launched the service. It’s a good developement and a rather overdue acknowledgement of the digital era from the staunchly pro-print organisation. It is nevertheless surprising to see them endorsing staring at a phone.

Self-Isolation Activity

So you’re self-isolated. You’re practicing proper hygiene. You’re working from home and you’re not hoarding. Now what? Just what to do to occupy you’re mind while absconded from the rest of the world is now a task that many are contemplating. So let’s recommend a simple one: Reading. A good reliable news service would be […]

Good Guide

Monocle magazine has created new editions of some of its excellent travel guides. Bureau favourite, Monocle has done a great job at producing travel guides for 39 locations around the world. However cities are dynamic and so are forever changing. This requires updates and Monocle has risen to the occasion with new editions for four […]

The Feed Read

Bureau favourite, Monocle magazine produced their edition of their special annual on eating and drinking. The directory provides the best places to visit, recipes to make and accessories to acquire. It highlights Monocle’s preference to show the local knowledge perspective from around the world and will make you simultaneously hungry for the food and to […]

An Eye On Monocle

After giving an email newsletter recommendation recently, here’s another: The Monocle Minute. Sent out daily thought out the working week plus an expanded weekend edition, The Monocle Minute gives you snippets of news and analysis from around the world. With a look at the stories that are just off to the side of the screaming […]