Time For Christopher Nolan

Once again Christopher Nolan takes on time in his latest film, Tenet. The palindromic drama (palindrama?) will once again have people heading to analysis and explanations as viewers struggle for understanding in the film. The film is Nolan, again, at his bombastic best, taking on time and seeing how he can bend it to his […]

Sliced Education

The Russo Brothers, famed for directing some of the biggest Marvel films including the collosal Marvel Avengers Endgame film, have started a YouTube series. The series is tastily called The Russo Bros Pizza Film School and feels starkly different to the bombastic films that they are known for. Another example of usually in demand creatives […]

More Moolah for Mulan

News coming in regarding the video on demand release of the live action version of Mulan has this bureau wondering that it was either too good to show in a restricted cinema or that it wasn’t good enough to do it. With a $30 premium being charged, perhaps there is some confidence there.

The Road to Fury

News reports have arrived on the bureau’s desk that George Miller has announce a Furiosa prequel based around the character introduced in the wildly successful Mad Max: Fury Road. How far in the past will this prequel be? A hint of how far is in the casting rumours. Charlize Theron is not expected to reprise […]

Oscar Tips

With the Oscars coming up next week, it’s time for this blog’s picks for the key awards Best actor will probably go to Joaquin Phoenix for Joker, but it should go to Adam Driver. It’s inevitable that Driver will win one day, however the academy usually makes people wait. Renee Zelleger seems a shoe in […]