Ten To Watch

Concrete Playground have put together a list of some under appreciated films from 2020. It’s a good list. This blog’s personal endorsement from that list would be Queen and Slim.

Spirit of the Reason

It’s not the usual practice for this blog to recommend a holiday season film. Blog favourite Kristen Stewart has a gift to change that habit. Stewart stars as Abby who gets invited to her partner’s family for the holidays. The twist being her partner’s family don’t know they are in a same sex relationship. The […]

Hard Ask

Movie director, Spike Lee has never shied away from difficult subject matters. So perhaps it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that he as decided to stand up straight to take on the task to make a film about Viagra. Not only that, but it’s going to be a manly musical. Guess that when […]

Time For Christopher Nolan

Once again Christopher Nolan takes on time in his latest film, Tenet. The palindromic drama (palindrama?) will once again have people heading to analysis and explanations as viewers struggle for understanding in the film. The film is Nolan, again, at his bombastic best, taking on time and seeing how he can bend it to his […]

Sliced Education

The Russo Brothers, famed for directing some of the biggest Marvel films including the collosal Marvel Avengers Endgame film, have started a YouTube series. The series is tastily called The Russo Bros Pizza Film School and feels starkly different to the bombastic films that they are known for. Another example of usually in demand creatives […]