Film Season

The end of the Sydney Film Festival last week does not spell the end of the film festive season. There’s plenty of specialist film festivals still showing in town.

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The British Film Festival still has a few days to go, just as the Scandinavian Film Festival gets started. The Italian Film Festival is getting into top gear, while the Japanese Film Festival also turns to its final week.

While it’s somewhat unfortunate that all of these film festival are on top of each each, there’s nevertheless plenty of choice for the film love at this point in time.

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Hair Duel

The trailer for Ridley Scott’s new film has been released and it looks suitable epic and expansive.

What’s also epic and expansive is the hairstyles, notably Matt Damon’s character.

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That’s a very expansive mullet. From embarrassing to ironic to now something a movie star has that hairstyle is going through quite the lifecycle.

Co-star Ben Affleck also has a statement hairstyle.

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He’s looking a little like a BTS fan who is a little too senior to be copying their hairstyles.

Adam Driver looks suitable regal with his hair.

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I just can’t decide if he’s handsome or not.

Let’s hope the movie will be so good to remove any doubt.