Bound for Small Tea.

After mixed results at the box office and luke-warm critics response Emilia Clarke is probably on the right track in expressing her preference for future projects that are little more low-key. Clarke’s turns at Star Wars and Terminator were well and truly aimed at high box office returns. Neither delivered. Yet her new film Last […]

Box Office Bonus

Apple have focused their efforts on the living room recently with the Apple TV+ service. Now they’ve bought their ticket into the cinemas with details on Apple’s commissioned films getting a cinema run first. Despite the presence of the occasional villain in a cinema with crunching snacks and glowing phone, this bureau fully endorses the […]

Get to Nomi

Infamous 90s movie, Showgirls, is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance with fan screenings, stage shows and even musicals. This reassessment of the film is chronicled in the documentary, You Don’t Nomi. While not ignoring the criticisms and weaknesses of the film, it is ultimately a sympathetic reading of this notorious film. The question the viewer […]

Who Scared It Better?

With the immient release of the concluding chapter of the movie version of Stephen King’s It, the world will be soon announcing their verdict on the film. This bureau’s concern however is going to be something slightly more sartorial: Which Pennywise has the best outfit? The Tim Curry era Pennywise was definitely a product of […]

Cinema Better Than The Real Thing

With home movie watching taking many forms (both legal and otherwise) cinemas had a challenge to keep people coming. Cinemas have met that challenge with inventive twists on the movie watching experience. One of those is 4DX. A transformation of the cinema auditorium into a rollercoaster like set up resplendent in moving seats, smoke and […]

Cinematic Goals

Football and cinema come together once more in the documentary entitled, Diego Maradona. No prizes for guessing who it’s about. Directed by Asif Kapadia, who did the well received documentaries on Amy Winehouse and Ayrton Senna, you can expected an even handed approach to the football superstar.

Showing Their Smarts

High school comedies can be a hit and miss affair, but a hit has turned up with Booksmart. Featuring a sharp, witty script and a refreshing looking cast, this film ensures a fun night at the cinema or your favourite streaming service. A great feature to the film is its soundtrack. Compiled by Dan The […]