Hear That Sound Again

Great to hear that ABC TV’s The Sound is coming back for a second season. The highlight of the live music series is the performance of artists in unusual surroundings – unusually empty as compared to how they look when the artists usually perform. While this bureau had a preference for the similar, but younger […]

Online at the Beach

The Manly Jazz Festival was one of the many music festivals that was forced to cancel its in person event. Instead of cancelling altogether though they decided to host an online version. While it doesn’t quite match of listening to the bands live by the beach, an advantage to it is that you can watch […]

Super Video

While the pandemic has decimated the music industry, it hasn’t stopped music artists being creative. Take Lupa J – Their recent track, ‘Supermarket Riots,’ is a solid track, but the real creativity has been the accompanying music video. The video appeals because of its great moody look and various cinemas references. The viewer can spot […]

The New NME

When Bandlab bought the NME brand it signalled a revival of the brand after it finished as a print magazine several years ago. Part of that revival process is launching an Asian music focused site. An English language Asian indie music focused site will be a great window to a music movement that doesn’t get […]