Ashes to Ashwarya

Australian artist, Ashwarya has announced herself to the music scene with the rather excellent, Psycho Hole. It’s very much in the Billie Eilish school of music, but there’s enough of herself to make this a talent to watch. She also shares her name with a few actresses or two. If she can get over those […]

Believe This Hype

Public Enemy can usually be relied upon for greatness. And they’ve delivered again at the BET Awards with this great rendition of their classic, Fight The Power, while teaming up with some friends. With some updated lyrics, this band is as vital as ever.

A Purple Stream

The streaming of the excellent Prince and the Revolution concert film from 1985 came and went back in May in a 72 hour flurry of lace and sex. Unless you’re an owner of the DVD, you’re out of luck catching The Purple One at his performing best. Thankfully you can still have your ears entertained […]

Building Bridgers

Musician Pheobe Bridgers is making waves with her second album, Punisher. The album has been getting rave reviews and she will be certain to entertain many a fan just as soon as she can start performing again. Let’s hope she can get over the motion sickness so she can tour.

How To Be All About That Bass

The lockdown has meant that performers are sitting at home looking for something to do. The benefit to us is that they are making videos of themselves to tell the story behind some of their biggest hits. Duran Duran’s John Taylor has been telling the story of his bass lines from some of his band’s […]