Reblog: Paper Mache art — themomshiediaries

There’s still plenty of nice uses of paper.

Our homeschool year is almost over! Yay! English is not our first language so pardon our weird accent. I just had to flex what Brook has made for his final Art Project. He came over my mom’s house because they allow kids playing watercolors and stuff in their home (as opposed to ours) — whenever […]

Paper Mache art — themomshiediaries

Reblog: Paper Plants — NepalFulveta

An original form of paper.

Just sharing these beautiful sweetly fragrance flowering plants that is locally known as Lokta – Nepali paper plants. The paper made from these plants are durable and mainly used in Govt/official purpose apart from the other personal use locally and by the tourists. Edgeworthia gardneri Daphne bholua Daphne bholua Maybe you want to use too!

Paper Plants — NepalFulveta


Renewable materials company, Stora Enso has announced that they are closing down a couple of their paper mills.

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The loss of jobs should not be ignored, but the move is a good one for its environmental benefits.

The goal of going paperless has been around for a few decades. It meets resistance as some readers just prefer to read things on paper, like the texture of it and it might be better for you anyway.

With environmental demands hotting up, unless sustainable paper productions methods are developed at scale and to the required standard, then people will be throwing their paper recycling baskets in to one of their other recycling baskets.