Getting the Most Out of the Phone Camera

Continuing from yesterday’s post about phone photography, another great way to take phone photography to the next level is to take a course.

Sure there’s a bunch of YouTube videos out there, but for a comprehensive course, the best thing to do is to go for a paid option.

A great course is from the iPhone Photography School.

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Keep an eye out for discounts on course fees (they’re always some sort of discount so don’t pay full price) and the upgrades promotions and emailing from them is helpful, but a touch spammy.

The course itself is great though with lots of great tips and advice.

Go For Pro

As has been mentioned previously on this blog, this bureau is a big fan of stretching the capabilities of phones to do professional work.

In the realm of photography that usually means an advanced camera app and an excellent example of that is Moment.

From shooting RAW to split focus, motion blur to slow shutter, this app allows you to much more with your phone camera’s hardware.

All this and it still has an easy to use UI that is as complicated or as easy as you want it to be.

Get it at your phone’s nearest app store.

Get A Hold of This.

This bureau is a big fan of phone cameras as a replacement for stand alone cameras. They can’t quite do everything, but they’re increasingly becoming closer and closer. It does however take a few extra pieces of equipment.

One of those pieces of equipment is a Joby GorillaPod.


They are perfect for those times when you need your camera very still. For that long exposure or perhaps a selfie taken to that extra level when you’re not wanting to be holding the camera.

Coming in a range of shapes and sizes they also have a large number of attachments that are useful for all sorts of use cases.

Since they’re small for a tripod, they’re only weakness is that you need something in your setting to place or attach the tripod to – Or get close to the ground.