Got Your Back

Virtual meetings are now the norm so why not make them look good while doing it? There are lots of good ones around, but there’s some particular favourites such as stills from a Wes Anderson film. Another favourite for this bureau is pictures from the interior of the TARDIS from Doctor Who. For whatever image […]

Getting Way Out

There’s a lot less opportunity for travelling about at the moment so we have to make use of photography from others back when it was possible to move around. The Landscape Photographer of the Year collects the best there is in the world that is far beyond the four walls that many people are now […]

Light and Leitner

German photographer, Max Leitner teamed up with urban gymnast Benni Grams to produce a series of photos that look quite suitable for our current empty warped world. There seems to be a lot of use of forced perspectives and flipping the camera upside down to great effect. See more of Leitner’s work on Instagram.

Window Into The Street

Alexander Zalokar is a photographer who does street photography. That’s not a particularly unique situation, but Zalokar has a nice darkness to them revealing more than what’s just on the surface. He achieves this with interesting perspectives and contrasts. He converts the mundane into the mesmerising.