The Heart of the Apps

The podcast Land of the Giants takes a fresh look at the multibillion-dollar industry of dating apps.

Hosted by Vox Media (home of The Verge and The Cut), the six-episode latest season features interviews with current and former employees, founders, and executives from companies like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Hinge, and Match Group. The season also talks to critics and experts like author Nancy Jo Sales, data scientist Cathy O’Neil, and anthropologist Natasha Schull to analyze the impact of this industry on culture.

The season is underpinned by conversations with dozens of app users grappling with the question of whether the business goals of dating-app companies align with their romantic aspirations.

Tony Talk

Jumping on the train that is revival tv recap podcasts is Talking Sopranos.

Hosting the show is series stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa. Or as you may better know them, Christopher and Bacala, a couple of henchmen in the crime family series.

The podcast was initially teased in February, but the podcast started releasing episodes in early April.

Apart from the insights of the two stars, the episodes also feature guests from the series as they go through the entire award winning series episode by episode.

The remarkable feature that’s quickly noticed is how much of the presenters’ own mannerisms and style were brought into the series. They speak in the exact same way. It’s as if the characters have stepped out of the tv and started talking about what’s happened.

Listening Disastertunity

What to do at home now that everybody is stuck there will be a question many are now asking.

One suggestion is to catch up on all those podcasts that have been on the To Listen To lists.

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For podcasts actually about the COVID-19 please listen to one that is a credible source. If they’re tying to sell miracle cures then you can be sure it’s isn’t credible. Coronacast is a good one.

Podcast app developer Pocket Casts have a good blog with regular suggestions and bureau favourite Monocle has a whole range of programming, but whatever your interest it’s bound to have a podcast about it.

Podcasts are one of the last frontiers of the internet that hasn’t had a wall built surrounding it (despite Spotify’s best efforts). It’s an open platform and should be celebrated as such.

Pod Love

Enigmatic Welsh rock band, Manic Street Preachers have been been releasing music since the early 1990s.

To chronicle this extensive output is the podcast, Do You Love Us.

Going through every track from every album, the hosts take a deep dive into a band with a library of extraordinary songs.

Usually an episode is dedicated to one album, although the band’s debut album was cut into two episodes as it was a double album.

There are many interesting tracks outside of the albums so it is hoped by this bureau that they cover those as well in some sort of capacity.

Find it in your preferred podcast player.

Eye On Your Pod

Spotify has been hosting podcasts for a number of years and has now announced a suite of reports for podcast producers.


This may raise some concerns with privacy advocates, but it does addess a gap in knowledge that podcasters have compared to websites and apps. Some Podcasters make up this gap with listener surveys which would not be as accurate as they would like.

The usage statistics – if privacy concerns are addressed – can provide useful insights into their audiences and hopefully a better podcast.