Bang On Is Bang On

Getting a fresh perspective on all things culture, life and whatever else may be on your mind is always a welcome addition to your podcast subscriptions.

Doing just that is Bang On.

Presented by Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe (not to be confused with Beats 1 Host, Zane Lowe), they discuss what’s caught their attention in the preceding week and give their views on the issues. A simply presented, fun and informative podcast.

Podcast of Thrones

We all know what fantasy saga tv series is back for it’s finale, but there’s quite a lot of threads to tie up before the series comes to a close. With a complex web of plots to deal with it might be wise to have some advice on all the goings on just beneath the service. Doing just this is YouTube channel, The New Rockstars.

The New Rockstars Episode Breakdoan

Providing all the back story, references and hidden details, these thorough break downs will add to your appreciation and understanding of the wildly popular series. If the podcast format is your preferred medium, there is also a version available called Westeros Weekly.

Either way, you’ll to be well briefed on the goings on in and around Winterfell.

Podcast Calling

Spotify have been moving into the podcasting space recently and to mark the occasion the streaming service have commissioned a special podcast documentary series on punk legends The Clash.

Picture: Courtesy of

With the BBC adding a polished production sheen and narrated by Public Enemy leader Chuck D, the eight-part Stay Free is a fascinating listen about one of the most important bands to come out of the UK.