Reblog: Prince: Welcome 2 America — The Paltry Sum

It is funk via a rich jazz vein of hep cool cat meanderings, both lyrically and musically. The Prince Estate in conjunction with Sony Legacy Recordings are releasing the album Welcome 2 America on the 30th July to intense expectations of something infused with Prince’s particular brand of genius. I don’t get my hopes up, […]

Prince: Welcome 2 America — The Paltry Sum

Welcome 2 Prince

Prince is not letting a little thing like his death from preventing him from releasing music. His latest is the rather wicked sounding, Welcome 2 America.

It manages to sound sexy and scary at the same time. The slow slinky beat and Prince’s delivery make this a great slow jam. The content of the lyrics however are biting and topical to make you stand up and take action.

60 Minutes take a look at the album and what was going on with Prince at the time.

A Purple Stream

The streaming of the excellent Prince and the Revolution concert film from 1985 came and went back in May in a 72 hour flurry of lace and sex.

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Unless you’re an owner of the DVD, you’re out of luck catching The Purple One at his performing best.

Thankfully you can still have your ears entertained with the album now released on your favourite music streamer.