Reading Aloud & Reading – There’s a Big Difference. — A Teacher’s Reflections

My greatest passion is reading aloud to children.  I thought it was time to talk about the difference between reading and reading aloud, as I often post about good children’s books.  While reading is the goal, the dream- reading aloud is the pathway to that dream.  Jim Trelease, author of the million-copy bestseller “The Read-Aloud […]

Reading Aloud & Reading – There’s a Big Difference. — A Teacher’s Reflections

Well Lit

Reading had a surge in popularity over the past year and so those readers would need some suitable lighting for all those books that they now have. Bowio has just the thing for those that don’t want to disturb any non-readers who may be with you at the time.

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The Bowio book light is designed to be practical while also keeping things stylish and fun.

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This bureau particularly likes the leather material, the handy brightness control as well as the stylish book accessory ability it has when not in use.

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Get more details at their IndieGoGo page here.

Self-Isolation Activity

So you’re self-isolated. You’re practicing proper hygiene. You’re working from home and you’re not hoarding. Now what?

Just what to do to occupy you’re mind while absconded from the rest of the world is now a task that many are contemplating. So let’s recommend a simple one: Reading.

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A good reliable news service would be a good idea. As is avoiding the hive of misinformation that is junk media and some light entertainment is also essential.

For light reading, this bureau recommends Monocle magazine. There’s the choice of subscribing, although as that may be a struggle for some in these medically and economically challenging times, there’s also the option of their free email newsletters.