Rock and Reading

Having last month featured The Who’s Pete Townshend autobiography, he now has a new book out now. This time it’s a novel.


The Age of Anxiety is said to be a, ‘magnum opus that would combine opera, art installation and novel.’ That’s an ambitious undertaking, but Townshend is no stranger than that.

Townshend has long had literary interests having worked at Faber and Faber and having his own inprint, Eel Pie. So it all bodes well for his debut novel.

New Kick Off

Author, Andrew Mueller started his career as a rock music journalist. Not satisfied with the accolades that usually don’t come their way for such a vocation, he moved to travel and foreign correspondence. That helped him get a gig at hosting the Monocle 24 podcast, The Foreign Desk and that did win him an award.


Expecting not huge returns, and getting just that, he turned his attention towards the book world where he has written on such topics as would be expected such as music, travel and his efforts as a foreign correspondent.

Just to confuse you, he’s now turned his attention to sport. His latest book entitled, “Carn,” it’s a book about a sport whose comprehension is so impenetrable that you’re probably wondering what that title even means. This is not a book that the publisher has forced upon Mueller.


Yet a fascinating read you’re in store for nevertheless, as Mueller applies his wit and wisdom to a great Australian game.

Being Shelf Aware

Continuing on from yesterday’s news gathering post, Apple announced a news magazine subscription service. The animated formatting looks great, but if you are happy just to read the content in a pdf format (which half of Apple’s service is doing anyway) then you could do worse than using the RB Digital Gateway service.

The trick is to check in with your nearest library that has a partnership with RB Digital. When you find a library that does, you will be able to have access to a good selection of magazines including many that are available on Apple’s service.