Food Bonds

The COVID-19 virus is hitting the arts and hospitality industry particularly hard. Fresh thinking is required and PR team have come up with just that with a scheme called Dining Bonds. The brain child of PR team Helen Patrikis and Steven Hall, it’s a pay now dine later scheme that allows restaurants some much needed […]

Going Antiviral

This time of year is usually reserved for hopeful declarations, but with the coronavirus, celebrations are somewhat muted. Some of that is necessary and some of that is not, but both are harming local businesses at a time that is usually a peak business period. That’s especially the case with restuarants. So tp readdress the […]

Eat Less

Eat Club is a service offering discounts to eateries and bars that turn up in a limited time or number. If a restarant has some last minute cancellations, they’d be keen to find someone to fill the table. That’s where Eat Club can come in. It shows nearby eateries with details on the discounts, how […]

You Khan Get It

Indian food is plentiful, but it can be difficult to find the good ones amongst the not so good ones. Khan’s on Westbourne Grove is one of them. With food that will still be good the next day for the inevitable left overs, this is a staple in the area.

Will See Wolseley

The Wolseley is an old school European style eatery with excellent breakfasts and good coffee (despite there being no flat whites on the coffee menu). With wonderful finishing and attentive staff ready to hand you the morning’s paper, this is a relaxed way to start your day in London.

Showing A Little Sash

Culture based restaurants do not need to look like they’ve been serving the same exact menu for the past couple of centuries. A modern sensibility can be added to the ingredients to give a new flavour. Sash Restaurant is a good example of this with its Japanese based offering with some sides ideas coming via […]