More For Frequent Eaters

Travel and food often go together as has been recently posted. Qantas and the similarly nomenclatured Quandoo are also getting into the airline – eating partnerships.

Quandoo’s restaurant booking service has launched a bonus points offer for Qantas frequent flyers.

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The money being saved can be quite considerable if one removes the restaurant and travelling expenses.

However for those that would prefer a bit more service in their life then this Quandoo offer could be a tasty incentive.

In If You Can

With restaurants reopening, the cities we live in are heating up the ovens and tossing the salads.

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Some will forego the opportunity to reopen as the patronage restrictions means that a venue may not be profitable.

The restrictions may harm the atmosphere of a venue somewhat although some are showing novel solutions the sparse population.

The demand seems to be there – especially from those that are tired of their own cooking. But the desire to socialise will surely also be a strong motivator.

The challenge now is just to get a table with bookings filling up quickly.

Food Bonds

The COVID-19 virus is hitting the arts and hospitality industry particularly hard. Fresh thinking is required and PR team have come up with just that with a scheme called Dining Bonds.

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The brain child of PR team Helen Patrikis and Steven Hall, it’s a pay now dine later scheme that allows restaurants some much needed cash flow during this very difficult time.

A large group of restaurants are already on board and one would expect others to join in the scheme. Let’s hope it’s a success.