Will See Wolseley

The Wolseley is an old school European style eatery with excellent breakfasts and good coffee (despite there being no flat whites on the coffee menu). With wonderful finishing and attentive staff ready to hand you the morning’s paper, this is a relaxed way to start your day in London.

Showing A Little Sash

Culture based restaurants do not need to look like they’ve been serving the same exact menu for the past couple of centuries. A modern sensibility can be added to the ingredients to give a new flavour. Sash Restaurant is a good example of this with its Japanese based offering with some sides ideas coming via […]

Fiching For Compliments

Hidden away in an unassuming line up of back street stores in Petersham hides the restaurant, Fich. Packing a diverse menu ranging from simple take out deep fried classics to genres bending salads the entire menu will reward many a varied preference. After that healthy salad you will have a hard time resisting the excellent […]