Magazine Shops

Following the recent post about magazine business models, another way to support them is in their associated businesses. This bureau’s favourite, Monocle has its own store. While there may be a few too many socks and sandals suggestions there are plenty of premium products that a worth a look. Slightly more down to earth is […]

Price Wars

With the holidays period over and shoppers tend to the wounds on their credit cards, we can spare a thought to the retail assistants who were in the trenches during the shopping attack. This high pressure period leads to stressed and angry shoppers with the retail assostants bearing the brunt of the abuse. So it’s […]

Shop and Bop

Bricks and mortar retailers continue to struggle with customers turning towards online options. Retailer, Myer has been looking into finding reasons for shoppers to come to the physical stores. Ideas include smaller, more curated stores and engaging events to interest customers. They’re good ideas and hopefully will succeed to add to the culture and vibe […]