Too Big To Exist

Writer and activist Cory Doctorow has a great Twitter thread about social media and its role in society.

He highlights the important issue of de-platforming of prominent users.

This future of social media should be to cater to niche interests as opposed to something for everyone. The latter is too big that it can cause significant harm.

Arbiter of Mis-Truth

Facebook is slowly getting its act together in restricting hate speech and misinformation.

The latest step is a welcome one from the social media behemoth.

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It has said in the past that it doesn’t want to become an arbiter of truth, but the acting of hosting and dissemination of this type of content automatically gives it that very arbitration.

As more and more of life goes online, the online world has to take on the decisions and responsibilities of the world beyond the screens.

What Not To Read

Usually this bureau likes to recommend things to read. This time there’s going to be a recommendation of what not to read.

Misinformation about the coronavirus is spreading faster than the virus itself. And example of this was a tweet from Eric Feigl-Ding on how contagious the virus was. His tweet went viral and spread around the world.

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Problem was that Feigl-Ding’s tweet wasn’t quite accurate, but that didn’t stop it spreading and it was one of many tweets contributing to the misinformation storm that has spread around the world.

So let’s not jump to conclusions with what we hear on junk media. Head to trusted news sources and get better informed.

The Poison In Your Human Machine

The longer an online argument progresses, as the rule of thumb states, the more likely a certain figure from World War II is alluded to. Similarly, allusions to slavery are also more likely to be mentioned the longer a debate rages on. In the online argument about social media usage, the latter reference has now reared its ugly head.


A BBC investigative report has uncovered the buying and selling of domestic workers on Instagram and other junk media. It is going to be difficult to argue away this.

One wouldn’t suggest that junk media wants this type of heinous crimes on its site, but its size and reach have made these types of incidents more likely to occur.