What Not To Read

Usually this bureau likes to recommend things to read. This time there’s going to be a recommendation of what not to read. Misinformation about the coronavirus is spreading faster than the virus itself. And example of this was a tweet from Eric Feigl-Ding on how contagious the virus was. His tweet went viral and spread […]

Social Media Needs an Editor

This bureau is on record for not being a fan of social media and even calls it Junk Media. But instead of just complaining a solution needs to be offered. That solution stems from the dictum, Every writer needs an editor. Whether it be an actual person or some sort of automated process the world’s […]


Doing on a search online for Facebook backlash and you get a lot of results – Around 17 million depending on your search engine of choice. Whether it’s a backlash specifically on women, the democratic process, or just Facebook itself, it’s not looking good for the social media giant. Dani Rodrik, an economist from Harvard […]

Save The Internet

Facebook is now facing a bewildering level of accusations up to and including privacy breaches and even interfering with the democratic process. It’s more important than ever that we keep an careful eye on social media and other major technology companies. Doing just that is The Verge’s Casey Newton with his regular report, The Interface. […]

Off Their Facebook

With the recent “Not Up-ness” of Facebook and associated sites – and setting aside the usual smugness – it reveals question of what to do without it. Like it or wish it a fiery death, social media’s ability to promote events, causes and yes, sales the user would be interested in is unparalleled and many […]