Reblog: TELEVISION: Star Trek: Lower Decks, ‘Kayshon, His Eyes Open’ (dir. Kim Arndt) — Come To The Pedlar

Lower Decks works in part because its freewheeling approach to universe-building allows it to crib whatever it wants from all generations of Star Trek, and to explore the implications of species and situations who wouldn’t usually get more than an episode’s attention. A secondary consequence of this approach is that it also gets to comment […]

TELEVISION: Star Trek: Lower Decks, ‘Kayshon, His Eyes Open’ (dir. Kim Arndt) — Come To The Pedlar

A Fine Model

Star Trek: Lower Decks is probably the most fully formed at debut of all of the series from the long running franchise. It has its tone just right and consistently hits with laughs.

Every season has its ship (or space station) and every ship has its model. For Lower Decks that’s the Cerritos. So now there’s the Cerritos model.

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The model is based on the first season version of the ship and looks set to include all sort of features that are sure to be a hit with fans.

Owners will be all set for second contact with this model due early next year.


Star Trek has come in various versions, but the one that receives high praise from a even more passionate than usual group is Deep Space Nine.


It’s relatively smaller fan base has led to it missing out on the remastered blu-ray treatment that the original series, and The Next Generation have enjoyed. This has not stopped the fans of the series (which includes its creators) to work on a documentary providing a retrospective of the series.


What We Left Behind takes a look behind the scenes of the series and for something that’s a little different for this type of thing, doesn’t hold back when being critical of the production and treatment of the show.

The documentary also features remastered footage as part of a campaign to have the whole series receive the same treatment that it’s sister series have received.


That is sure to look great on a big screen which there is a limited opportunity to do so.