Loot To Boot

The lockdown has led to people looking for new things while at home to maintain some novelty in life.

Food subscription services where someone else advises on what to eat is a nice way to get out of your own cooking rut.

So that’s good, what about drink?

Whisky Loot provides various sample packs of premium whiskies.

Image: Via whiskyloot.com

Be it gift packs or regular subscriptions, Whisky Loot has got all your whisky needs covered.

Finding some new experiences is something many crave and subscriptions like Whisky Loot do just that.

Buy or Subscribe

Subscriptions is the new purchase model.

Even when buying things up to an including farm equipment, the user may be only licensed to use it when they look at the fine print.

Two noteworthy subscriptions launched recently were Pocket Casts and one of the big subscriptions out there: Apple Arcade.

Pocket Cast had a purchase model and has now added a subscription service. It has been met with a backlash that it has responded to demonstrating that the subscription model is challenging to introduce.

Apple has had bit more success as it’s had a clearer partition between what can be bought and what is subscribed to. With Apple Arcade it looks like it will add to the success that the brand has had in the services area.

Subscription may have started with software, but is now extending to anything it possibly can. To have success though, it must be carefully managed.

Subscription Travel

With public transport providers facing cost pressures, they are particularly keen to find new ways to fund public transport.

Image: ABC News

What is the NSW government’s proposed solution? Netflix style subscriptions.

“We will see people subscribe to mobility into the future in the same way they subscribe to software through computers and Netflix on their television,” proposes NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

Image: Transport for NSW

A subscription for a government service sounds like a tax to this bureau, but the government should be commended for creative thinking outside of the box for the important issue of transport.