More is Less

Rhianna of course did this year’s Super Bowl half time show

As per usual with the halftime show, it’s a whistle-stop tour of her hits which may or may not be satisfying to some.

This bureau is in the latter may not be satisfied group. The favourites are gone barely after they’ve started and there’s no time to let the songs breathe. Sure there’s a time limit, but a reduced setlist would have been far more satisfying.

Going Antiviral

This time of year is usually reserved for hopeful declarations, but with the coronavirus, celebrations are somewhat muted. Some of that is necessary and some of that is not, but both are harming local businesses at a time that is usually a peak business period. That’s especially the case with restuarants.

So tp readdress the balance let’s have a look at some food venues that are great for the lunar new year.

Seek and Stone specialises in traditional stone pot cooking. Their Wontons are excellent value.

Image: Via

Eaton should be on your list for late night eating on your way home from a night out.

Super Bowl is not an American football themed establishment, but is in fact a casual diner close to everything.

So be informed at the state of viruses of course, but also support these local businesses and others like them.