For All TV Viewers

Apple TV Plus series For All Mankind has just wrapped up its second season and this is a good as place as any to get into the series.

The series started in the 1960s with the premise that the Soviets got to the moon first and the implications of that event on the space race and international relations in general.

The second season fast forwards into the 1980s where permanent bases on the moon are by then in place.

The drama escalates from there as Soviet – US relations are put to the test. The Cuban Missile crises is peanuts to what goes on in this series.

Apple TV Plus is of course a paid subscription service, but is freely available for recent purchasers of Apple products.

Ramadan TV

The coming of Ramadan doesn’t just mean a time for spiritual reflection, it’s also a big time for TV producers with a number of series launched during the time period.

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New series cover genres such as office comedies, historical dramas and mysteries with ratings set to be a feast. You can be assured that advertisers are also getting in on the action. Although perhaps they will want to avoid controversy if they can.

This television menu is set to whet the appetite of viewers as they break fast during this time of community.

Locked In Viewing

Film makers have had to be creative in their creation over the past few months. A product of some of that creativity is Homemade.

Featuring a swathe of filmmakers like Paolo Sorrentino, Ana Lily Amirpour and bureau favourite Kristen Stewart, the short films give a refreshing insight to how pandemic life is effecting people.

This is a more appealing venture than the room reading wrong step that is Quilbi, see Homemade where you see your Netflix.

Tony Talk

Jumping on the train that is revival tv recap podcasts is Talking Sopranos.

Hosting the show is series stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa. Or as you may better know them, Christopher and Bacala, a couple of henchmen in the crime family series.

The podcast was initially teased in February, but the podcast started releasing episodes in early April.

Apart from the insights of the two stars, the episodes also feature guests from the series as they go through the entire award winning series episode by episode.

The remarkable feature that’s quickly noticed is how much of the presenters’ own mannerisms and style were brought into the series. They speak in the exact same way. It’s as if the characters have stepped out of the tv and started talking about what’s happened.