Faster Deeper Higher Education

Netflix keeps on producing hits at an astonishing rate. Some expected, some not so. One in the latter category is the British production, Sex Education. Starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and a host of spot on casted co-stars. The show is as funny as it is frank. They don’t hold much back. Apart from some […]

Breaking Badder

Breaking Bad’s encore performance with the El Camino movie gives us an insight into what happens next to the long suffering Jesse. The film is a very focused on Jesse’s character which is something that the character thoroughly deserves. It also feels very much like fan servicing. The characters that turn up, the structure of […]

Return to the Rock

The Stephen King universe (or KINGdom if you would like) inspired tv series Castle Rock returns for a second series. The J.J. Abrams headed series this time features one of Stephen King’s most iconic characters: Annie Wilkes. The character who would nurse to health – and then terrorise – an injured author. While we look […]

Back in the Zone

The Twilight Zone has returned to our screens with Get Out and US director Jordan Peele presenting. The anthology series has attracted a huge following since its debut decades ago. There was one feature that the new series did not have. Being shot in black and white. Well that’s changed. Catch it on CBS All […]

Bot Love

Love + Death and Robots is an animated series headed by David Fincher that is being shown on Netflix. Serving as an reminaging of early 80s cult sci-fi, Heavy Metal, the series features 18 stand alone stories related to love, death, and robots. Kind of like all those intercut scenes from a computer games. There’s […]

Graves of Thrones

Game of Thrones could not be more hyped unless it was intending a surprise appearance by a middle rank Marvel superhero with serious feelings of disorientation. Yet the local Australian broadcaster of the final season has really outdone itself with a grave yard of the infamously high body count. Situated in a large park the […]