Reblog: 40 YEARS AGO: The Go-Betweens – “Your Turn, My Turn” — SONGS SMITHS

40 YEARS AGO: The Go-Betweens – “Your Turn, My Turn” “July 11, 1981 THE GO BETWEENS have a new Australian-only single in the shops. It pairs “Your Turn, My Turn” with “World Weary”. The piano on the song is provided by a guest appearance by Dan Wallace-Crabbe of the Laughing Clowns.” .punk diary

40 YEARS AGO: The Go-Betweens – “Your Turn, My Turn” — SONGS SMITHS

Reblog: Clouds (1988) – The Go-Betweens — Observation Blogger

I could write a 10 thousand word essay about this song, but I’m a lazy tard. It incorporates Dylan’s Love Minus Zero in the concert version below and I find it captivating. I have written before and I’ll say it again, if you want to hear what Australian culture is like in sound, then just […]

Clouds (1988) – The Go-Betweens — Observation Blogger

Friendly Read

After singing with groups like Everything But The Girl and Massive Attack Tracey Thorn turned her attention to writing. Her latest book is a biography of Go-Betweens drummer Lindy Morrison.

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Released last April, My Rock ‘n’ Roll Friend looks at Morrison’s career with the book starting on when she met Thorn.

Despite literally being shoved to the back during her time in The Go-Betweens, Morrison has had a fascinating career and her life is well worth reading about.

Return to Lovers Lane

Released back in 2015, G Stands For Go-Betweens was a welcome re-introduction to legendary Australian act, The Go-Betweens in their formative years.

The collection now has a sequel with Volume 2 soon to be released.

The highlight of the set is the collection of demos recorded between the time of their last album and their initial split. It includes songs that were to later appear on solo efforts during the band’s hiatus. A grand collection for a band grand enough to have a bridge named after them.

Forster Apart

Robert Forster’s latest album, Inferno includes the rather Velvet Underground sounding, Brisbane In Summer.

Currently touring the album in Europe, Forster’s highlighted his post-Go-Betweens career as a music critic and writer which has produced two books. One, a collection of his music criticism and the other a heart breaking autobiography.

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As it’s title suggests the autobiography is focused on Forster’s life with his Go-Betweens partner, Grant McLennan. Forster’s exceptional ability as a writer impressively tells the tragic story of the band and ultimately McLennan. A lane well worth going down.