Reblog: Travelling by Train — HANNA’S WALK

Another endorsement of train travel.

I like to travel by train when I go exploring. Even a little walk gives the feeling of freedom when I travel out one way, and come home the other way. When Views Are Important: My walk in North Zealand Train, Walk and Explore: A story about Romsdalen in Norway Hang in there, dream now, […]

Travelling by Train — HANNA’S WALK

Reblog: A New Train to My Collection — Into the Light Adventures

Nice ode to trains here.

A New Train to My Collection, I do love trains. There is just something about them, the power and the sound amazes me. The amount of weight they can pull and just the size of these giant locomotives, I am in awe of the construction of them. And they are really pretty when they are […]

A New Train to My Collection — Into the Light Adventures

Plane In Vain

Recent reports have come in on Air France banning domestic flights when there is a train service available.

Image via runway digital

This is a good move environmentally speaking of couse, but it’s also good for the travellers’ comfort as well.

The train experience is much better than flying. Flying in the cheap seats have been called cattle class for a while and has been increasingly tending towards living up to its moniker.

So as travel opens up, the smart and clean minded will be getting on trains at every opportunity.