Green Trains

A great way to make transport more environmentally sustainable is to shift to public transport. And what makes that even better would be the public transport to be powered by renewable sources as well.

That’s just what Sydney trains have done with an announcement of a green energy deal.

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Investing in green powered public transport is a far better idea than sinking massive funds in self-navigating cars. Both in investment return, transport efficiency and environmental efficiency. It’s a far better idea and closer to its goals.

All Up in the Air

Uber and Hyundai have announced a partnership to build a flying car service. Looks slick!

Image: via executive

Also looks rather useless.

The final product may or may not look like as pictured, but whatever its form, its a bad idea. It looks to be a dreadful waste of energy to power a flying car.

Research and investment would be better served on mass transit systems and moving large numbers of people much more efficiently.

Netflix Not So Original

The NSW government has been steaming ahead with it’s infrastructure projects. Some of them good – some of them not so good.


The latest proposal is a ‘Netflix style’ transport subscription or ‘mobility pricing’.

That sounds a lot like a weekly (or monthly or annual) which was the pricing system that was abolished a few years ago. Perhaps this looks like a not so original netflix proposal?

The idea is bigger though. The proposal is for the subscription to cover all modes of transport including ride sharing and developing technology to bring commuters and service providers together.

We will have to wait and see if this proposal gets moving.