Return to Travel — The Deltiology Deity

I’ve lamented on this blog for the past few months how the pandemic has created a shortage of my normal supply of postcards. Although, I’ve managed to find some creative ways to get postcards coming in (see prior posts). But they haven’t been enough and I’ve been in serious postcard withdrawal. Until recently… A friend […]

Return to Travel — The Deltiology Deity

Travel Damage

The return of travel will be good news for tourists and the industries dependent on them. Yet the side effects of travel will also be set to return.

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The appeal of the road less travelled was everywhere because hardly anyone was travelling anywhere, but as travel routes (welcomely) return, effects like over-tourism, environmental damage, entitled tourists and the associated travel rage will make their presence felt.

Hopefully the appreciation of being away from lockdown will allow some good will and hold back on doing anything undesirable.