Getting Served

Celebrity chef, David Chang is more than willing to travel to a distant land for a good meal. So what better way for Chang to make use of that inclination than to host a TV series on that very subject. He’ll be serving up some the full menu this time with Chang showing his finest […]

Suitable For Travel

What to pack is the perennial question for travellers. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the desired clothing, the concern then becomes will the selected items of clothing withstand the rigours of travel? They might withstand the suitcase itself, but will they look like they’ve been trampled by a herd of elephants? Then there’s the […]

Being Kept in the Dark

Keeping the window shades up during take off and landing is a fairly understandable position for an airline to take. It allows for passengers to see what’s going outside during the most risky activity on a flight – take off and landing. During long haul flights when sleep is the paramount consideration, the blinds then […]

The Nearly Departed

The China Eastern Lounge in bustling Shanghai is ideal for the weary traveller in transit or those passengers catching up on their To Do list before a flight. With food, plenty of seating, automatic massagers and showers, there’s all the facilities the traveller may need.