WandaVision Finale

The finale for the first (only) season of WandaVision has arrived.

Image via ign.com

The story’s conclusion will set up the next steps in the Marvel universe (multiverse?) and will send off YouTube analysts on many a theory formulation and speculation.

As is typical with a Marvel story, it climaxes with a swathe of special effects in a somewhat unsatisfying manner.

Yet that should not take away from the inventiveness of the series and the praise it deserves for the risks that it took.

For the Marvel fan it’s essential watching.


Marvel has released some on screen content for the first time in a while with Wandavision.

Image via avsforum.com

With the money that’s been rolling in for the Marvel studio it does have some leeway to experiment, but boy oh boy have they taken a sharp left turn with this one.

There’s references a plenty not just for Marvel fans, but for old tv historians as well. Sitcoms from the 50s and 60s and later decades get a referential shout out in all the visuals and set ups.

There’s an underlying darkness to the start of the series. The early episodes certainly are promising, but it’s the brave format choice that will keep this blog watching.