Shot On Time

For those that prefer alternative uses of gun metal than actual guns, watch designer TRIWA has produced something quite timely.

TRIWA watches are made from recycled metals from around 5,000 convescated weapons from El Salvador.

With improved internals these watches are set for improved accuracy that their source material were once boasting.

See their Kickstart campaign here.

Pay Up to Dress Down

There are two main ways to approach a mechanical watch purchase. Dressed up to show off the every, not inconsiderable, dollar spent or to do the opposite and hide the cost.

Looking at the latter, the dress watch becomes an option and a good example of that is the Tissot Gentleman Automatic.

With a steel case with gold accents and the choice of leather or steel bracelet, the piece has a collection of features you would usually expect to pay more.

Importantly, it has an understated elegance that impresses given it’s price point. The buyer will not be picking up one of these everyday, but on that day that the buyer does, it can be a worthwhile understated choice.

Write On Time

Hodinkee is a blog that is devoted to mechanical watches that launched in 2008.

In 2017 it launched a hard copy magazine to complement the website.


Befitting the quality of their subject matter, the publication is a high quality magazine that goes well beyond the basic needs of a magazine for those that appreciate the details of objects.


Issue 4 has just been released.

About Time

With all the demands on our time that we all endure, it’s refreshing to take an alternative view on time. This can be done by looking at a popular measure of time: The watch.

Watchmaker, Meistersinger, takes a more relaxed view of time by designing watches that do not have second or minute hands.

The lack of exactness, puts wearers more at ease. They don’t worry so much about the time because there’s less to report about time.

You just seem to have less concerns in the world.