Worth Watching

Originally released in 1976, the Girard-Perregaux Casquette watch introduced to the world a futuristic LED display that offered a radical alternative to the prevalent analogue dial. It was a limited edition and popular with collectors, who nicknamed it the Casquette.

Image via theceomagazine.com

And now it’s back with its nickname now being official. It’s even won a Wallpaper design award.

At a cost of over $4,000, the Casquette 2.0 is not the cheapest watch in the market, but a great deal more accessible than other watches of this type.

High Scoring Watch

If any money is left in the Black Friday budget, it’s time to look at Mr Jones’s watches.

It’s called Ricochet and where you see the score on the pinball machine is the display of the time.

The best bit has to be that there’s robots playing it and it should be possible to use some collected quarters to purchase this very reasonably priced watch.

ID Check

Luxury and sustainability do not usually come together, but it may soon become essential. So watch maker, ID Geneve have thought up some luxury sustainable watches.

Image via idwatch.ch

Featuring recycled stainless steel and refurbished ETA movements, the watches do their best to minimise their environmental impact.

A timely thing to do at this moment.

Cheap Expensive Watches

Watch online retailer Watch Finder usually highlights watches that could be swapped for a car and sometimes even a house. Acknowledging the car-swapping shenanigans, they have produced a video that looks at affordable options from big-name watch bands.

This bureau recalls The Watch Snob’s advice: Stretch the buyer’s budget, stretch it as far as possible, wait as long as you can to add to that budget, and then buy just one watch.

The cheap options are handy, but some patience and budget stretching will lead to an outcome that will satisfy for years to come.

Colourful Time

For those who want to steer clear of the busy Navitimer watch style then Longines is going to happily slide onto the wrist.

Image via wallpaper.com

Longines is enhancing two of its most popular models with a shock of colour in a revamp of classic watch design. Models in five different shades make summery new additions to the DolceVita and La Grande Classique lines in a celebration of bold block colour.

A very timely addition.