Knowledge Geography

As mentioned previously, Wikipedia is one of the last bastions of the original spirit of the internet.

That’s generally a good thing, but not entirely. The majority of its contributors seem to be cis white men and only a small percentage of them do the most writing.


Now The Atlantic has produced a data set and corresponding maps of the contributors.

The data shows insights in religion, class, political affiliation, population and accessibility to the internet. That last one isn’t too surprising.

Look It Up

The glory days of the internet have long gone. It’s now all about large corporations getting your data.

One of the few organisations that still has maintained the ideals of the early web is Wikipedia.


Richard Cooke from Wired magazine has penned a fitting tribute to the website looking at its ideals and how its maintained them.

As mentioned in the article, it used to be the butt of many a joke, but now shines as a beacon to a long gone ideal.