Just Your Type

iPad Pros are being promoted to work with keyboards. Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio for the device works well, but they don’t have the flexibility of getting out of the way when it’s not required.

image courtesy of apple.com

The more useful solution is to go completely wireless with the keyboard so they can stay in your tech bag when not required.

Microsoft has a solution, but it stretches the budget further than some may be prepared to extend.

Image courtesy of Microsoft.com

A keyboard that is getting well used at our bureau is one found on eBay.

Image courtesy eBay.com

This device is capable of working on Windows and Android devices along with iOS and MacOS adding more flexibility. It has very useable full sized keys and it also folds away to a slim profile to be placed in your bag without taking up too much space. A very versatile addition to your tech gear at a much more reasonable price.